Our Services

Our Services

Knowing how complicated publishing can be, and all the various steps needed to produce the perfect manuscript, we have broken the steps down and offer a per word pricing system. This allows you the author to know exactly what you are asking for and how much it will cost before you ask for our services. Each manuscript is different as is each author and reader, with this in mind, we are aware there are some manuscripts that will just not appeal to us. In which case, it may be possible for us to help the author to find an editor with another company.

Basic Content Editing.

Romance Genres: Contemporary (including Western), Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steam-punk, Historical/Time-Travel.

It is said the best editor loves your characters and worlds as much as you do. With this in mind, we have made the managerial decision to only offer services to our very favourite genres. This does not in any way imply genres not listed are lacking or unpopular in anyway. We are only able to work with a certain number of manuscripts at any one time and feel it would benefit our customers if we limit ourselves to the genres we know best.

Our content editing involves a minimum of two readings and a thorough page by page edit, to include spelling, grammar, continuity, holes in plot or obvious questions a reader will ask. We will also look at your research and accuracy, that is not to say we will do your work for you. If we find research problems your manuscript will be returned for correction, but we will do a double check for you, to ensure no errors have been made.

Line Edit

No matter how good you are, or we are, every edit made has the chance of editing in different errors. It is strongly advised that before publishing, a final line edit is carried out by someone who has not read the manuscript before.

Book covers

As much as we love playing with photography and Photoshop, neither of us are very experienced at producing book covers. But as a cover is often what makes a reader consider a book, we know they are as important as every other aspect of the product. So we have the wonderful Stella Price on standby to make us the best individually designed covers. As a talented author, as well as a gifted artist, Stella knows what it means to get the right cover for your book.

Formatting and Publishing

Getting the right layout, can make a big difference to the look and readability of a book. You don’t want bad reviews because people are confused by your formatting. We can format and publish your work through Amazon or adhere to any publisher requirements you request.

Promotional Work

The easiest way to sell your book is to make sure as many people as possible know about it. It sounds simple. but in today’s market, even mega-businesses are failing. That in part is through lack of productive advertising and providing what their customers’ want. We can offer a number of packages designed to aid in your promotional work. Ultimately, however, the more you work with us on this, the better results it will produce. Readers love having a chance to ‘meet’ authors and characters, but not if they’re tired from being at work since 4am.

The Smurf Test

We cannot stress enough that is a tough test, think of it as a private review. They are brutally honest, but I can promise they are not cruel. They are fair and constructive. If they don’t like something, they will tell you, what and why. Please remember this is, as with any review, the opinion of the Smurfs and if they don’t like something, it doesn’t mean everyone else won’t love it. I have seen mine refuse to finish a book I have loved, or read an entire series when I haven’t gotten past the first blurb.


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