Publishing can be a complicated industry, we aim to be able to simplify that if only by being as open and honest as we can from the beginning. Setting a per word price for all of our services provides both our readers and us a clear breakdown of what we can offer and how much it will cost.  Please use the comment box for any questions or email your first three chapters to

Standard price guide. (p= pennies) (USD)

Basic content editing Romance Genres: contemporary, (including western) paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, steam-punk, historical/time-travel.  2p per word (USD)
Final line edit 1p per word (USD)
Book covers 0.8p per word (min 20,000 words) (USD)
Formatting and publishing through Kindle 0.5p per word (USD) 
Promotional work Can include, twitter/Facebook, blog chats, reviews, interviews. Organisation of certain promotional elements is complimentary if more than one service is taken. from 1p per word (USD) 
The Ultimate Smurf Test 1.5p per word (USD)

The Ultimate Smurf test.

There are not many male romance readers out there, they are a tough sell and often take honest opinion to a brutal level, if you’re brave enough to test your book against the Smurfs, and pass their test with all red scores we will cover the cost of the test. 1.5p per word. Awarding a blue, white or red smurf of approval.


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