Learn something new everyday

10 Sep

An old saying, I know, but a good one to aim at, the knack to it is recognising when you are learning something new. It doesn’t have to be something complex and academic, just something you didn’t know yesterday.

So now you asking, “What on earth learning has to do with romance books?” It’s easy. When you write you research, the same goes when you edit, but that is still purposely going to find information. So, in some ways, it could still be called academic. What I’m talking about is the everyday things you come across that make you think “well I didn’t know that” or “oh, here we do it like that or say it like this”.

To us, that’s as important as any research because you’re learning about people and places and the differences between them. Which is one of the things that improves your writing craft. It’s one of the aspects of reading and editing we enjoy the most. In editing, it can be better because you get a chance to ask questions and learn everything your author knows, or sometimes tell the author how it is different where you live, or know about, giving them the chance to learn something knew as well. It’s one of the ways to make editing fun, making about learning and developing and I have to say gossiping, because we do that in our comments as well.

So what did you learn in the last book you read/edited/reviewed? Or what tid-bit of information did you put in your latest WIP?

For me, it was that you can get a black cherry hair dye, it isn’t one I have come across in my town, so I searched a popular online company, famous for selling books, and found some. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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