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Meet Kim

I should start off by telling you how much I hate to talk about myself. 🙂 So, let’s see. Where should I start?

At the age of 39, I decided to keep my promise to my grandmother and I started college. I am majoring in English and working on a certificate in Women’s Studies as well. As a woman who grew up seeing herself as less than, because she wasn’t the most beautiful, it is important for me to show young women you don’t have to have supermodel looks or be a size 2 to be beautiful. ( This blog is one of my passions. It started as a college project and it has become a vital part of my life.

Sleepy weiner           003

I am the mama to 2 beautiful canine kids. Valentine is a German Shepherd and she will celebrate her 15th birthday in January. Diesel is an almost 5 year old English Mastiff who is a Mama’s Boy through and through. They both spend their days sleeping while I write my stories.

Oh, there’s another element to me 🙂 I’m an author. I write paranormal romance books which are set in the most beautiful part of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula. Currently, there are two stories out there, but I am working on so many different projects, there will be plenty coming in the future.

My life has been so blessed and I believe in spreading the love around. 2013 is my year and the changes that have happened so far just prove it. Please join us as we take this new adventure to the highest heights! I promise the ride will be worth it.

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Hollie’s Rabble


2012-05-20 16.13.19

This photo is a few years out of date. The kids are a bit bigger, but I like it. This was a fun morning and we don’t often get chance to all play together like that anymore.

So to introductions, my Smurf usually goes by the name of Rob. Having arthritis in his spine, he fully understands how hard and painful life can be. He also loves photography you can find some of his photos on flicker As you can see, we like car racing (it’s how we met), but we are moving more towards horse riding. We all enjoy riding and horses are way more fun to cuddle than a car.

My oldest child is my only girl, Jojo is 18 and already living in the big wide world. She spends her time between here and London, where her military boyfriend lives.

Then, there are my boys. Brandon is the biggest one. He is coming up 16 and works at the local British Horse Society Stable. He is training to be a stable hand and riding instructor. The youngest two are Josh (13) and Stephen (11). Stephen starts high school in a few weeks. I can’t believe my baby is getting so big. Both the boys are also learning to ride and will be joining the BHS pony club to learn all about horse care. Then, it looks like I’ll have to buy a horse. Although they keep hinting at one each, all my reasons for not having too many pets is followed by a “but they can live and work at the stable”.

So that’s my rabble, and me, well I’m not sure about me, a lot has changed for me over the last six years. My most exciting news is I have just finished (and passed) my BA in Media. No, that isn’t journalism. Media is communication, books, films, internet, everything, I could talk for hours about my degree, but the best part was my dissertation. Romance Reading in the Twenty-First Century, I loved doing the research and the results are amazing. But that’s a post for another day.

Have a Great Day



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