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Have you ever had a dream? We mean one of those ‘impossible’ dreams that you know is out there if you can just reach out far enough? A dream job is the one where you get paid to do what you love. This is how HKD Books was born.

We are two friends who love books. In fact, that is how we met. We love books as much as you. If you mention our favorite books or flowers or hair colour, we are going to digress and tell you all about it, just so you know.

We believe writing is a fun job, but edits can be a pain. Shouldn’t the entire job be fun? Yes, even the edits. So when we make comments, we want it to become a discussion, a question is just as likely to be about us learning something as it is anything else. We hate the idea of working our way through an entire manuscript only being able to say “you missed a comma” or “his eyes were blue two pages back”. We want communication to be as open as possible. If we have a question, we’re going to ask it and we expect the same from you.

As everyone is in a different time and place in their lives, we all (staff, friends, and clients) have different beliefs, experience and traditions, we value your experiences and expertise and hope to be able to add them to our own to make our books stand out from the crowd.

Our aim at HKD Books is to help you take your story and polish it until it shines. After that, we can help you with publishing and promotions. These plans are as individual as each of you and your books. We will be asking a lot of questions so we can work out the best plan for each individual promotion package for each book and author.



One response to “Welcome to HKD

  1. vlmbatman

    September 10, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Bringing a life dream to fruition is greatly fulfilling, hard work, and tons of fun. Congratulations on your venture and your new life adventure.


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